Thursday, April 13, 2017

The X26P Taser

$1399 The X26P Taser
The Taser X26P in Black comes with laser & LED. It also includes 2 Live Cartridges, a Performance Power Magazine (battery pack) & Target.

The TASER X26P series offers the highest take-down power available.

With innovative Shaped Pulse™ and Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technologies, the TASER X26P temporarily overrides the central nervous system, limiting muscular control. It debilitates even the most aggressive persons and is even effective on persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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The X2 Defender Taser

X2 Defender Taser
$1,399  X2 Defender

The Taser X2 Defender Kit in Black comes with laser & LED. It also includes 4 live Cartridges, a Performance Power Magazine (battery pack) & Target

Designed by law enforcement the two-shot TASER X2 incorporates law enforcement’s most requested capabilities.

The Taser X2 is a great home defense piece of equipment that features rich, simple to use and similar in size to the TASER X26C. Its high performance dual Lasers improve accuracy and help take the guesswork out of aiming and have a performance power magazine that will last up to 500 firings.

It has a weatherproof design to better resist rain and humidity and features self-diagnostics which tells you if the device is healthy or has a problem. The X2’s back up shot capability for multiple targets or miss recovery with has been a leading edge in the X2 technology. Its warning arc while loaded prevents conflict from escalating.

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The Pulse Taser

The Pulse Taser
$399 The Pulse Taser
The Pulse TASER. This is a high-tech, subcompact weapon with an intuitive concealed carry design that packs the same knock-down punch used by law enforcement around the world. With the TASER Pulse you can reach an attacker from up to 15 feet away, immobilize them for 30 seconds giving you time to make a Safe Escape.

Key Features
• Subcompact design with intuitive user interface: The small size and pistol shape provides a familiar discreet carry capability
• Shaved safeties and angled iron sights: For a comfortable conceal carry and prevention of snagging when withdrawing or re-holstering device
• Advanced target acquisition: LASER assisted targeting, color contrasting iron sights, and powerful LED flashlight to help identify friend or foe
• User replaceable battery: Battery lasts for approximately 50 30-second firings and it features an illuminated battery status indicator light
•Tactile trigger and safety
• 15-foot safety range with back-up stun gun: Immobilize attackers at a safe distance
• Safe Escape Product Replacement Program: If the TASER Pulse is used for self-defense and it is left at the scene, TASER will replace the device free of charge!!

The Pulse Taser also includes:

•Replaceable lithium battery
•2 live cartridges
•Conductive target
•Protective soft cover
•Quick start guide

Pulse Taser Dimensions
•Length: 5.25″
•Height: 4.75″
•Width: 1.25″
•Weight: 0.5lbs (227g)

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The Bolt Taser

Bolt Taser
$399 The Bolt Taser
The Bolt Taser with laser & LED also includes 2 live cartridges, 1 soft holster, lithium power magazine (battery pack), and target.

The technologically advanced TASER Bolt is designed specifically with your personal safety needs in mind. Utilizing the same technology as our proven law enforcement models, it offers incredible take down power and unparalleled protection right in the palm of your hand.

We understand that your personal protection game plan requires true knock out power. We also understand that you could find yourself in legal jeopardy by using deadly force.
Here’s why a TASER is your best option: Only TASER provides the power to knock out a violent attacker for a full 30 seconds from up to 15 feet away.
That gives you plenty of time to escape from a dangerous situation without having to resort to deadly force. That’s right TASER offers the same tools the police use to take down hostile criminals. TASER conducted electrical weapons are not considered firearms and are legal to carry in most states without permits. Restricted from consumer use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, HI, District of Columbia, and certain cities and counties.

The buyer is responsible for researching and knowing the applicable state and local laws prior to purchasing, possessing, transporting or using a TASER CEW.

The training manual includes complete instructions on the safety release, how and where to aim, and firing your CEW. Put the police-tested and trusted TASER technology in your hands

Key features: Knock an attacker out of commission and get away safely…from up to 15 feet, use it as a ‘stun gun’ without the cartridge or after the cartridge is fired, no license needed to carry openly or concealed, compact enough to fit in your pocket, small, discreet appearance, lightweight and easy to carry, 30-second output duration, lithium power magazine(battery) provides over 50 applications, low intensity light illuminates dark areas for better visibility.

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The X26P Taser

$1399 The X26P Taser The Taser X26P in Black comes with laser & LED. It also includes 2 Live Cartridges, a Performance Power Magazi...